Full Length Comedy

According To Rumour (Farce)
Carter Sutton wakes on his sofa with no memory of the night before, a mysterious girl in his apartment and fifty thousand pounds in the fridge. There’s a lot of explaining to do but throw in his mother, sister, a policeman, a pair of identical twins (who happen to never be on stage at the same time) and the postman and you’ve got all the ingredients for mayhem, misunderstandings and a whole lot of confusion. But this is only the start. As tongues wag, exaggerations and overstatements make this a 24 hours that no-one will ever forget.
Cast Size – 8
(3 Males, 4 Females , 1 Non Gender Specific)
Estimated 1 Hour and 35 minutes.
Picture -Endeavour Theatre Company, Australia
Photograph - Paul Richardson Photography
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According To Schedule (Farce)
A stand alone unrelated spin-off to According To Rumour. Roger has always wanted a simple life, but a simple life is hard to come by - especially when dealing with your controlling sister, your kleptomaniac aunt and the head of an organised crime syndicate. Can his friend Carter help him keep his nerve and his knee caps, or will he just make things worse? One thing is for certain, this is another 24 hrs the pair are unlikely to forget.
Cast Size – 8
(4 Males, 4 Females)
Estimated 1 Hour and 40 minutes
Picture - Rangiora New Life School, New Zealand
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Some People (Farce)
Things are busy enough at the Lucky Star Hotel, what with the lift being almost as unpredictable as the guests and staff, but now there are two jewel thieves returning to claim the loot they buried years before... under the kitchen floor!
Cast Size – 16
(6 Males, 10 Females - although some genders changeable)
Estimated 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Picture - Tylka, Czech Republic
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Sex and Curry (Comedy)
Hannah’s boyfriend has walked out, leaving her pregnant, but that’s only the start of her troubles. Telling her parents that her gay flatmate is her fiancé and the child’s father didn’t solve the problem. But Hannah’s not the only one keeping secrets. In a series of lies and excuses, things are about to get out of control - and the baby isn't even here yet! 
Cast Size – 6
(3 Males, 3 Females)
Estimated 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Picture - Notebook Arts, UK
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Adrian - The Alternative Pantomime

A pantomime with a difference. Adrian’s not your typical inhabitant of Pantoland. He’s level-headed, and can spot the difference between a wolf and a Granny. But due to unfortunate circumstances, he’s got the job of Fairy Godmother - for everyone! This is a unique take on the tradition of pantomime which is guaranteed laughter for all ... That is depending on the version you wish to visit. 
Cast Size – 11 - 33 dependent on your production.
Minimum of 5 Males, 5 Females and 1 Non Gender Specific

Estimated 2 hours
Picture - Notebook Arts, UK
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A Butler Did It! (Dark Comedy/Farce)
The funeral of Aunt Francesca has finally brought the Butler brothers together again. Shockingly, she is not dead - at first - and soon secrets and lies are almost outnumbered by corpses.
Cast Size – 11
(5 Males, 4 Females, 2 Non-Gender Specific)
Estimated 1 Hour 40 Minutes.
Picture - Lindblom Math & Science Academy, USA
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Clowns (Comedy)
It’s been nearly thirty years since the clowns at the World Famous Ludini’s Circus last performed together in the ring, but Buttercup believes they can recapture the old magic just one last time. Can he convince the old group to reform despite their hip-replacements, crutches and general old age for one last show? It will prove difficult due to Sunshine’s electronic tag, Doodle’s and her puppies, Pickles’ living his dream as a merchant banker and Ludini himself being previously eaten during a lecture on lion taming - but to make it worse will the remaining crew manage to keep their heads when Bubbles the homicidal mime comes calling? In this zany comedy with a laugh on every page anything could happen.
Cast Size - 8
(2 Males, 3 Females - 3 Non Gender Specific)
Estimated 1 Hour and 42 minutes.
Picture - Medusa Theatre Group, UK
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