One Act Comedy

All By Myself (Comedy)
Award Winning! - Anglesey Drama Festival . Best Comedy 2015 (UK) Best Senior Play at Chelford Drama Festival (UK) Best Senior Actor in the role of "Ashworth" at Chelford Drama Festival (UK) Adjudicator's award at Wilmslow Guild One Act play Festival. (UK) Protea Stage Productions won Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Newcomer and was runner up for Best Production in the Franklin Players One Act Play Festival 2016
"Larry the Loner" has been stranded for the past seven years on an island. Destitute, alone and without a friend. However, in all these years he failed to discover the rather overcrowded civilisation just around the corner. If only he had looked a little further! Yet he is soon to discover that due to his annoying new neighbours this island was better when he was isolated.
Cast Size – 5
(1 male, 4 non-gender specific)
Estimated 25 Minutes
Picture - Nonumbum Theatre, UK
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A Spy With A View (Comedy)
Award Winning! AASCA Best Scene Award 2014 (USA)
David and Vicky are on holiday, but the weather has trapped them in their hotel room. The monotony is broken by the delivery of a mysterious briefcase, with a recording that self-destructs! Where's the real spy?
Cast Size – 3
(2 Males, 1 Female)
Estimated 25 Minutes.
Picture - University of Tasmania, Tasmania
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Bride Before A Fall (Farce)
Victor has a problem. He is married, although this isn't the full extent of his problem. Victor also has a long term relationship with Madelyn, the love of his life. The plan was simple. Find someone rich, desperate and dimwitted for Victor to marry to eventually take a large sum of money in a divorce settlement ...and who could be richer, more desperate and more dimwitted than Lottie. A loud, irritating and nauseating creature with a high piecing shrill and snort for good measure. However the plan goes slightly wrong when at the last minute Lottie's father convinces her to organise a prenuptial agreement. In the hope that one day Victor and Madelyn will think of another way to get his hands on the cash, he goes ahead. But the marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be. After a few months of wedded hell to literally the most annoying person on earth, Victor needs a way out and Madelyn may have the solution ... murder. If only Lottie was that easy to kill ... 
​Cast Size – 3
(1 male,2 females)
Estimated 35 Minutes
Picture - Space Theatre, Cyprus
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Rambles On Radio (Comedy) 
Christopher Rambles and his amateur dramatic group are to perform a new ghostly tale live on radio. What could possibly go wrong? With love affairs, nerves, confusion, a partially sighted sound engineer and chaos (not to mention a frying pan) the odds are against them.... But the show must go on.
Cast Size – 6
(3 male, 2 females, 1 Non Gender Specific)
Estimated 30 Minutes
Picture - Notebook Arts, UK
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Plan B (Comedy)
Richie and Susan's anniversary hasn't gone to plan. While waiting in Accident and Emergency for a doctor after an accident involving spaghetti, they meet a curious lady. Armed only with a saucepan and her thoughts, can this mysterious stranger save their marriage?
Cast Size – 3
(1 male,2 females)
Estimated 20 Minutes
Picture - Ouachita University, USA
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The Act Of Living (Comedy & Drama)
Tom and Evelyn were born in the mid 1930’s and we follow their story through childhood to the present day by witnessing snapshots of their lives, or at least the events that surround their special place. We discover Tom and Evelyn at the ages of eight and nine as they meet for the first time, unaware of how significant this first meeting is. Shaped by the ever changing world around them and their own personal challenges, we continue to travel with our two friends throughout their lives. Only glimpsing the moments shared at this ordinary park bench which has become such a special place for them.
Cast Size – 2
(1 male, 1 female)
Estimated 50 Minutes
Picture - Nomadic Players Drama and Theatre Society, UK
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Chances In The Rain (Light Comedy)
Sometimes even the best made plans do not end up the way anyone could have envisaged. Edward, Michelle, Sonia and Peter are hoping their lives are going to change for the better. Today should be their day, but as the rain clouds form it seems disaster has struck. As the four encounter each other in the park, all seems lost. But with misunderstandings and mistaken identities, will Edward, Peter, Sonia and Michelle have a second chance to make this day one they will remember for the right reasons? 
Cast Size – 4
(2 male, 2 females)
Estimated 16 Minutes
Picture - White Oaks Drama, Canada
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Closure (Comedy)
Luke’s birthday party is a lonely affair – there’s just him, until his ex-girlfriend Tanya walks in. She only meant to drop off his gift, but soon they’re involved in a strenuous argument over closure and who gets it. However, it's not long before events take hold and there is a whole lot of explaining to do. 
Cast Size – 3
(2 male, 1 female)
Estimated 25 Minutes
Picture - La Strada Ensemble Theater, USA
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