One Act Drama

12hr Life (Light Drama)
Award Winning! - People's Choice Award by Manchester High School's Lancer Theatre Company, USA 2017 and 1st Place in the Iowa Thespian Festival 2017, USA
A One-act drama for a cast of two and minimalist setting. Dylan should be going to a conference, but a chance encounter with Samantha and some forthright discussion, and he's playing truant and having the time of his life. Is it possible to live a life in one day?
Cast Size – 2
(1 male, 1 female)
Estimated 35 Minutes
Picture - St Louis University, USA
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Checkmate (Thriller)
After discovering her husband is having an affair, Amy is distraught. But what is worse is her husband plans to "dispose" of her. Amy hatches a plan. It's kill or be killed. In this two hander it's all a question of who is the hunter, and who is the hunted ...
Cast Size – 2
(1 male, 1 female)
Estimated 25 Minutes
Picture - Shawnee Mission East, USA
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The Ripple Effect (Dark Drama)
There’s no doubt that Eva has murdered Timothy – she’s still holding the gun. But what drove her to kill? Scene by scene we uncover the events that led up to this moment as the play is performed in reverse. As time reverses, Eva's sister narrates asks the important questions. Was it fate, or the random collision of people and circumstances? Sometimes it can be the small insignificant details that can determine where our future lies
Cast Size – 4
(2 Males, 2 Females)
Estimated 45 Minutes
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The Act Of Living (Comedy & Drama)
Tom and Evelyn were born in the mid 1930’s and we follow their story through childhood to the present day by witnessing snapshots of their lives, or at least the events that surround their special place. We discover Tom and Evelyn at the ages of eight and nine as they meet for the first time, unaware of how significant this first meeting is. Shaped by the ever changing world around them and their own personal challenges, we continue to travel with our two friends throughout their lives. Only glimpsing the moments shared at this ordinary park bench which has become such a special place for them.
Cast Size – 2
(1 male, 1 female)
Estimated 50 Minutes
Picture - Nomadic Players Drama and Theatre Society, UK
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The Second Floor (Drama)
Chloe is a powerful businesswoman with a sharp tongue - she’s going to set the board straight before tearing through the rest of her appointments. But she ends up stuck in the elevator with her ex-husband, who has some important things to tell her and we learn the significance of the second floor.
​​Cast Size – 3
(1 male, 2 females)
Estimated 27 Minutes
Picture - La Strada Ensemble Theater, USA
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Broken (Thriller)
The mother, the wife and the mistress of a deceased criminal are brought together for the first time in years. Locked in a room with their worst enemies, the three women must reveal the truth of what happened so many years ago ... or they may not make it out alive. But who has brought them together after all this time? Who waits on the other side of that locked door?
Cast Size – 3/5
(3 females plus 2 male walk on roles)
Estimated 30 Minutes
Picture - Oliva Drama and Cultural Association, Spain
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