Full Length Drama

The Amateur Killer (Murder Mystery)
The Novershell Players are to perform the thriller 'Adieu'. Rehearsals are going well, although behind the curtain many secrets and desires bubble to the surface. Daniel Healy is a cruel man, with a wandering eye and a jealous tongue, but who would go as far as killing him? All is not as it seems, but is it really possible that the murderer has taken inspiration from the script being rehearsed. Can you guess who did it?
Cast Size – 9
(3 males, 4 females, 2 Non Gender Specific)
Estimated 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Picture - La Strada Ensemble Theater, USA
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Death's Desire (Dark Drama)
Lawrence’s latest therapy client is both challenging and a little scary. Confessing to multiple marriages under false pretences, and then murder, things only get worse when he reveals how much he knows about Lawrence’s fiancée.
Cast Size – 7
(3 males, 4 females)
Estimated 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Picture - Notebook Arts, UK
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The House Amongst The Willows (Psychological Thriller) 
All is not well at the Berkley's holiday home. Fletcher Davidson has a dark past - darker than any of his family and friends could possibly imagine. With mysterious notes and terrorising phone calls, a long forgotten secret has been remembered. Someone knows his past. But who? Fletcher is in danger ... and time appears to be running out
Cast Size – 6
(3 males, 3 females)
Estimated 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Picture - Blackham Country Players and Penshurt Amateur Dramatics, Society, UK
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Scarlett (Ghost Play)
A devastating bus accident on a rainy night leaves a small group of survivors stranded in an abandoned barn with little hope of immediate rescue. As the group waits for help, unnerving knocking sounds and chilling songs echo through the empty barn, causing the survivors to wonder if they are victims of a cruel prankster or something beyond the earthly realm.
Cast Size – 6
(2 males, 2 females, 1 non-gender specific and "The Ghost")
Estimated 1 Hour and 15 minutes
Picture - Shawnee Mission East, USA
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